SME Loans

Short Overview

Access working capital loan up to N2,000,000 to support SME business growth, business expansion and upgrade .

Features and Benefits
  • Minimum of 15% equity contribution for first time borrower.

  • 5% monthly interest rate

  • Maximum tenor of (6) months

Loan Requirements
  • Two credible guarantors

  • Repayment is structured daily, weekly or monthly.

  • An obligor limit of N 2,500,000 applies to this loan

  • Post-dated cheques of Borrower is required for loan exposure of N100,000 and above

  • Two guarantor’s cheque is also required for loans above N300,000

  • Tangible securities for loans of N500,000 and above

  • Key-man insurance for loan exposure of N750,000 and above.


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