Salary Advance

Short Overview

This is a loan facility availed to salary earners pending the receipt of their monthly salary to enable them meet urgent financial.

Features and Benefits
  • Availability of funds to bridge short-term personal funding gaps

  • Access to salary in advance with a 30 – 180 day tenor.

  • 48 hours response time.

  • Competitive Interest Rate.

  • Access to Personal Account and Financial Advisor.

  • Easy Banking with Debit Cards and Mobile Banking.

Loan Requirements
  • Two (2) passport Photographs

  • Utility bills / Verification of Address

  • Staff I.D Card & Any form of identification (voter card ,driver license,National Identity card, International passport)

  • Last 6 months Salary Bank statement of account

  • Undated cheques /Direct debit mandate

  • Appointment /Confirmation/promotion letter

  • One guarantor of which will bring the following:

    • a. One (1) passport
    • b. Form of identification (voter card, driver license,National Identity card, International passport)
    • c. Utility bills within the last three month
    • d. Undated cheques


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