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Project Target Investment (PTI)

This investment allows the investor to build up funds towards a particular project or event. It is an investment plan that encourages investors to save money on a periodic basis with the view to use the funds at a particular period when needed.


  • Attracts a competitive interest rate
  • Easy access to short term loans

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Asset Finance

This is a facility for the purchase of movable assets such as machinery, appliances, motor bikes and ...

SME Loans

Access working capital loan up to N2,000,000 to support SME business growth, business expansion and ...

Micro Loans

This is a unique loan product designed mainly for micro customers who have regular source of income ...

Business Loan

A unique working capital loan designed to facilitate expansion, business development, upgrade for bu ...

Fixed Deposit

If you’ve got a chunk of money that you won’t need for a while, lock it away in a Fixed Term Dep ...

Salary Advance

This is a loan facility availed to salary earners pending the receipt of their monthly salary to ena ...

Group Lending

The facility is extended to individuals who belong to an informal group either in the same or differ ...

Current / Corporate Account

This is a transaction account that allows the use of cheque to allow for third party withdrawals for ...

Savings Account

Put your money securely with us and enjoy longer-term savings plans and amazing rates. ...

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